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Viewability is becoming more important these days. Let’s get to know what viewability is and how to improve it.

Viewability is a measurement of a viewable ad impressions within a user’s browser. Interactive Advertising Bureau(IAB) states that an ad is considered viewable when 50% or more of the ad’s pixels are visible in the browser for one continuous second.

Why it this important? Because viewability is a measure of the ad’s quality, especially whether the ad is actually reaching users or not. Actually, all ad units are seldom viewable because users usually scroll down the site, focusing on the content and scroll past ads. So, when the ad is viewable to users, it means that the ad is reaching users better than other ads.

More advertisers in Adwords have started to participate in viewable CPM bidding to spend their budget more efficiently. The higher viewability is, the higher eCPM goes.

Here are some suggestions for improving viewability:

1. Ad Positions

It is easy to believe that the top ad position is the best to get high viewability. However, the position that has highest viewability is around the middle of the page, above the fold. This is because users would like to see content first, which is on the middle of the page. They scroll down fast and might not view the topmost ad for 1 second or more, making that ad non-viewable. For mobile, it is good to place a navigator at the top of the page, and place the first ad near the middle of the view.

2. Ad Sizes

Considering users usually scroll down quickly, vertical ads stay longer in view than horizontal ads. Especially sticky ads with vertical sizes has an advantage regarding viewability because it stay in view longer while the user scrolls (for more information, please contact ADOP 

3. Improving site performance

Improving page speed is a direct and effective way of improving ad viewability because it is related with improving user’s behaviour.
One of Google’s solutions, testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com, helps us check the site’s load speed and responsibility. It provides custom reports such as speed score, access speed per device and network for the site.

ADOP is always willing to help you optimize viewability. Please contact us whenever you need help.