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There is a growing need recently for native ads in the online advertising market.

According to a Business Insider report, global spending on native ads is increasing and is forecasted to reach $7.9 billion in 2017.

So, what are native ads?

Native ads are ads that look similar to the actual content. There are various types and sizes of native ads,
and the performance is generally better than standard banner ads because it improves user experience.

Native ads are also particularly good for the mobile market.
Therefore, more than 25% of mobile marketers utilize mobile native ad campaigns as part of their marketing strategy.

How does Google AdSense fit into the picture, then?
For the reasons mentioned above, Google has developed several native ad products for better campaign performance, such as In-Feed, In- Article and Matched Content products.

First, let’s take a look at ‘In-Feed’ native ads.
The ad fits perfectly into the timeline feed as you can see below.

All AdSense publishers can use it, and you can put more than one ad unit into your feed,
but it is recommended to have at least three feed content between each native ad unit.

Next, we have the ‘In-Article’ native ads, which are implemented into the article content.
You can easily see ‘In-Article’ ads in articles that contain a lot of text.

‘In-Article’ ads are most efficient if placed two paragraphs below the content title,
and it is recommended that ‘In-Article’ ads only be put in articles with more than three paragraphs.

Lastly, Matched Content ads are a way to retain the user and encourage them to visit other pages on your website so that they do not leave the website after reading the article. This ad type is only available to publishers selected by Google.

So, this sums up our talk about native ads. Let’s look next time at how we can implement the native ads.

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