Service for advertisers



Providing priority ad exposure services using
ADOP's specific premium/various Ad-inventories

1. Supported Deals: Guaranteed Deal, Preferred Deal, Private Auction, Open Auction
2. Supported products: Video Ads, Display Banner, Native Ads, AMP, etc.

Download Introduction
ADOP's premium and various publishers package configuration

· Have users of all ages (10-60s), (46% female, 54% male)
· Have publishers in KR, VN, ID, TH totaling more than 1,700)

Brand Safety, No ad clutter Guaranteed

· High-end brand management throught premium publishers
· ntensive exposure by using specific publishers’ core Ad-inventories

Prompt management system

· The immediate handling in accordance with campaign performance efficiency (change of publishers, change of impression frequency, etc.) can save advertising budget and guarantee high performance

Our goal is
the business growth of
advertisers and publishers.