Monetization Service for Publishers



Providing ads monetization service for
web publishers through Display AD / Video AD

1. Supported Ads: network / advertiser direct inventory
2. Supported products: Video Ads, Display Banner, Native Ads

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Improved eCPM & higher AD revenue

· Auto mediation function
· Programmatic deal: Availability of campaign PR and performance marketing through simple audience packaging as well as various ADOP’s customized packaging / As the DSP and SSP, ADOP is enable to purchase premium inventories (DV360, Google Admanager, ATOM etc. Holding) easily and fast and to manage deal package

Better User Experience

· Display AD: Support for various devices / Exposure various AD creatives such as images, banner and rich media
· Video AD: In-read/hybrid form, so it does not harm UX/UI. In the case of hybrid form, high viewability is secured and high unit price can be expected.

Our goal is
the business growth of
advertisers and publishers.